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Excellent carpet brand ~ INVICTUS® was established in 2015 as the pioneer of the carpet industry

Excellent carpet brand ~ INVICTUS® was established in 2015 as the pioneer of the carpet industry

The incomparable comfort of carpets made by INVICTUS® is beyond the reach of even the most demanding people! Carpets produced by the latest generation of dope dyeing technology (polypropylene fiber is registered as iVinci®, polyester fiber is iVerse®) rich in texture, attractive softness, excellent stain resistance and durability

Flanders-rug introduced INVICTUS®'s super-soft plain surface carpet, which is the most representative of its brand spirit. It is woven from solution dyed olefin (Solution Dyed Olefin) yarn. The advantage lies in SDO yarn (also known as polypropylene fiber or wool-like) In the initial stage of the liquid state, it is fully fused with the dye to ensure that each weaving yarn is uniformly impregnated by the dye solution from the pile to the root, from the surface to the core, so that the cast carpet has excellent color fastness and abundant yarn volume. And comparable to the rich texture of hand-spun yarn.

Its products are introduced in the form of 4-meter-wide carpet, which means that it has the strong characteristics that indoor building materials should possess, such as blocking floor impact noise, thermal resistance and flame resistance, etc., all of which have passed the EU test specifications in the place of production (Belgium). In addition, Flanders-rugs are also submitted for testing in accordance with the regulations of the Fire Department of the Ministry of the Interior and have passed the domestic flame-proof certification, and the inventory booklet is regularly uploaded for inspection by the competent authority. Cass carpet's bottom composite patented FusionBac® comfortable bottom does not hurt the floor and is also suitable for making regional custom-made rugs.

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