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Contemporary artist series high-density abstract carpet comes out

Contemporary artist series high-density abstract carpet comes out

The contemporary artist series of high-density abstract carpets was officially released on the official website of Flanders Rugs on June 10, 2023! This series brings together the creations of talented and creative emerging artists in Europe. Most of the themes focus on abstract styles that can present ethereal, seemingly invisible, or geometric patterns that can soothe people's hearts and stimulate potential. The needs of modern people for home decoration.

The craftsmanship emphasizes the use of single-strand fine heat-set polypropylene fibers, which are often used to weave area rugs. The high-texture texture with a density of up to one million stitches per square meter is presented, and the Drop-Stitch textile technology is used to simulate hand-cut flowers by craftsmen , so that the carpet surface presents a 3D three-dimensional tailoring effect. The large-scale Wilton loom is used to interweave the warp and weft like a hand-knotted carpet, and the structure is strong and not deformed. The back can see through the front fluffy structure, no need for extra material to stick.

Every raw material used in the production of artist series carpets and its suppliers are certified by the European Textile Association ( STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® ) to ensure that the materials used are sustainable and harmless to humans and the environment. The upright and non-shattering pile structure can not only support the weight of the human body without collapsing the hair, but also effectively reduce dust falling into the pile in daily use, greatly prolonging the service life and reducing maintenance costs.

In terms of color matching, the manufacturer has tried its best to maximize the collection of European fashion colors of the season. At the same time, it has set up multiple production lines of different colors to supply them without interruption. Buyers around the world can easily find the home color aesthetics corresponding to different places!

We believe that contemporary artist series rugs will become an important and indispensable decorative element in your home, adding more taste and beauty to your life!

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