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Coconut bristle mud floor mat production process

Coconut bristle mud floor mat production process

Coconut bristle mats are mostly produced in South India, Sri Lanka and other places. It is a natural, environmentally friendly and excellent household product with excellent cleaning effect. The production process is introduced as follows:

  1. Coconut fiber is obtained from the shell of the coconut. The processed fiber is about 10 to 30 cm long. It is light in weight, stiff, strong, elastic and prone to curling. Coir is resistant to abrasion and can be dyed. Often used to make brushes or woven into mats, or spun into fishing rope and nets.
  2. Coconut yarn is usually in the form of double-strand twisting, which is spun from coconut fiber by hand spinning or automatic twisting machine. Coconut yarn is the raw material for all coconut bristle-related products. Today coconut yarn can be dyed in a wide range of colors, making it more widely used.
  3. Coconut bristle mats are made by hand looms, looms or looms, and can be made with or without brush (sheared or looped). Color and size can be designed. The quality and cleaning power of coconut fiber door mats are far superior to other products made of different materials. In addition to maintaining its natural color, the coconut bristle mat can also be bleached and dyed or even printed on the template with lively and vivid patterns. The back is usually made of PVC as the base material, which is more stable and non-slip in addition to fixing the fibers.
Coconut bristle mat production process

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