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Ligne Pure -- the love of pure life

Ligne Pure -- the love of pure life

Love For Pure Living

Ligne Pure is a Belgian lifestyle brand born from a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, textiles and slow design. Our globally treasured one-of-a-kind rugs draw inspiration from diverse cultures and traditions and reflect our passion for excellence. Based on our extensive knowledge of the textile industry and driven by interior design, we have expanded our brand range to include unique interior items. Up front is Multi Me, our very own modern modular sofa, a proud testament to our commitment. We use a unified approach to present a range of authentic Belgian designs of unparalleled quality, sustainably crafted with meticulous attention to detail.


Meet The Makers

Belgian design and quality, global inspiration and production

In our dedicated studio in Belgium, our designs become unique interior decorations, expertly woven by local artisans. Each rug is carefully handcrafted using traditional techniques and an unwavering focus on precision. By working exclusively with a dedicated team who share our philosophy, we ensure sustainability and uncompromising quality. From the dyeing of raw materials to the selection of yarn and the final finishing touches, we maintain a meticulous attitude.

Meet the makers

A Patchwork Of Passion

Ligne Pure embodies Maghalie Dooms' creative vision, incorporating her diverse passions: arts and crafts, interior design, travel and sustainable entrepreneurship. Together with a team of experienced designers, she tirelessly pursues pure beauty. From the Belgian design studio, mood boards, materials, textures and colors come together to form unique creations and interior concepts.

Maghalie Dooms

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