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Know the herringbone pattern in 1 minute

Know the herringbone pattern in 1 minute

Herringbone patterns have actually been around you and me for a long time. You may also have a few pieces of clothing with herringbone pattern fabrics in your closet, but do you know that this twill pattern is the crystallization of ancient wisdom, and the earliest origin can be Dating back to the era of the Roman Empire, the use of this geometric overlapping arrangement to build roads can effectively absorb the pressure and damage caused by traffic and people on the roads, and double the stability and durability of the roads. This revolutionary invention also created the ancient Rome's complete road network and infrastructure laid a good foundation for the rapid expansion and sustainable development of the empire. Similarly, the earliest herringbone fabrics were also found in ancient Italy. Until now, herringbone patterns are still one of the most popular fabrics for tailoring classic gentleman clothing!


Roads built during the Roman Empire

In recent years, smart carpet pattern designers have taken the wisdom of the predecessors to design novel and beautiful carpet patterns suitable for contemporary times based on the herringbone totem, and filled them with bright colors. The small-scale herringbone has a compact and thick visual sense. Does the relatively deliberately enlarged herringbone look extraordinarily bold and innovative?

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