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Let you know the 5 advantages of chenille jacquard rug

Let you know the 5 advantages of chenille jacquard rug

Laying carpets has sound-absorbing, shock-absorbing, warm and cold floors, and the magic effect of instantly improving the texture of the space. The number of people suffering from allergies around me is multiplying. Consumers are worried that they are busy at work and have no time to tidy the carpet so that the fluff may aggravate the adverse reactions of family members with allergies. Do they need to lay carpets to enjoy the benefits it brings?

Your voice has been heard by smart carpet and upholstery fabric manufacturers. Manufacturers use the original production line of Jacquard Fabric to divert part of their production capacity to manufacture chenille brocade carpets. Chenille itself is soft and special. The manufacturing process makes the yarn have a fluffy feel, which can simulate the thick feeling created by the pile of the carpet, and is relatively light and easy to organize, and there is no problem of floating hair caused by trampling on traditional carpets. The texture of light and shadow changes is particularly outstanding. There are no restrictions on themes at all, and we can weave popular themes such as Kilim, Aubusson, Persia, South French country style and even industrial style...

In particular, the company has imported series such as Renaissance brocade carpets and Tuscan brocade carpets from major textile factories in Belgium, Flanders and Turkey, and even introduced complete sets of home decoration fabrics, finished pillows, and table flag covers that can be matched with carpets. Furnishing combination. Finally, let us reorganize the top 5 advantages of chenille brocade rugs as follows:

    1. The appearance is between weaving and carpet and has the advantages of both
    2. Chenille pine fleece minimizes lint from being trampled on
    3. Lightweight and foldable, easy to move and easy to clean at home
    4. Acrylic yarn and other materials are interwoven with strong jacquard feeling and excellent texture
    5. Laying carpets can absorb sound and shock, warm the home and change the mood

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