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7 Advantages of Turkish Carpet Manufacturing

7 Advantages of Turkish Carpet Manufacturing

As of 2019, statistics show that Turkey's carpet output has reached 2.5 billion US dollars, and there are 900 manufacturers and exporters. According to the statistics of the United Nations, its export volume of machine-woven carpets ranks third in the world, accounting for 9.6% of the world market; the output of handmade carpets ranks fifth in the world. The major importing countries are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia and their former member countries, and other important markets are Muslim countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, etc.

In summary, the Turkish carpet manufacturing industry has the following seven advantages:

  1. Turkey is a large textile production country, so it can self-sufficient its domestic carpet manufacturers' demand for raw materials such as wool yarn and chemical fiber yarn, increasing its price competitiveness.
  2. The geographical location is close to the main carpet demand markets such as the Middle East, Europe, Russia and the former Soviet Union countries.
  3. With years of accumulated carpet industry knowledge and abundant and skilled labor force.
  4. National Free Trade Policy.
  5. Flexible production process~ In response to the needs of customers in different regions, local products are launched.
  6. Pay attention to product quality, production environment and physical and mental health of workers.
  7. Signed a free trade agreement with the European Union and a customs union agreement with many other countries.

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