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Experience the beauty of diamond pattern

Experience the beauty of diamond pattern

Rhombus pattern, also known as diamond twill pattern, is widely recognized and has been used in textile technology by humans as early as thousands of years ago, and it is a common cultural heritage of mankind regardless of civilization and race. This kind of symmetrical, harmonious and diverse pattern is also found in the ancient weaving technology of Taiwan aborigines, and the central point of the rhombus is endowed with the eyes of the ancestors and even interpreted as a symbol of "heart".

Simplified and enlarged diamond pattern carpets are becoming more and more popular in Europe and America and are classified as Nordic style

Simplified and scaled-up rhombus pattern ethnic style rugs are inspired by North African tribal totems, because the thick weaver can seamlessly blend with the Nordic style

The same diamond pattern is often introduced into the design and weaving of carpet patterns. The traditional diamond pattern has a strong ethnic style, while the simplified and enlarged diamond pattern carpet has become very popular in Europe and the United States in recent years and has been classified in Nordic style, its texture is usually relatively thick to meet the practical style orientation in the cold climate environment. The Lana wool-blend flat-woven rug newly introduced by the company is just in between. It has both retro and geometric modern appearance, which is more suitable for matching with the simple and common home design style in the local area.

Lana wool mixed viscose rugs are made of Rayon high-gloss fiber in the high wool part and New wool, which is increasingly rare in the market, in the plain weave part. Wool, a natural fiber, has the functions of moisture absorption and cold protection Good toughness and resilience. It is designed and manufactured by a large factory in Flanders, Belgium, and has obtained the EU Little Sun certification to ensure that its production process follows the strict specifications of green energy and sustainable environment. The introduced specifications are 67x105, 80x125, 140x200, 160x230 and even 200x290cm to meet consumers' laying use in different spaces and blocks.

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