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BIC-Carpets brand introduction

BIC-Carpets brand introduction
BIC-Carpets (Belgian International Carpets Belgium International Carpet) was founded in 1956.

In the first few years, BIC Carpet mainly produced laminated carpets for the highly competitive American market, and BIC Carpet quickly won a considerable market share. In the early days, a pioneering spirit was at the heart of the company's philosophy. The continuous updating and improvement of BIC carpet has not only won the respect of the industry, but also won numerous awards and nominations. Among them, the most famous and respected BIC carpet STONE series has become a permanent collection of the Design Exhibition Department of the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.

STONE series ~ B.I.C carpet

STONE series ~ BIC carpet

Today, BIC rugs are constantly looking for new weaving techniques, different textures and innovative colours. As this pursuit of new concepts and original combinations, BIC rugs try to present them with a variety of dazzling yarns. It is worth mentioning that many of the yarns used to achieve this effect were designed by the company's own designer Bart Golds.

In order to continuously meet the needs of customers, BIC Carpet has its own designers. Only in this way can the designer and the production department cooperate seamlessly, and the designer's creativity can be realized with the strong technical support of the production department.

With a variety of professional knowledge and techniques, BIC Carpet produces high-quality residential and engineering contract carpets for various types of companies, five-star hotels, and restaurants. BIC Carpets has a separate division that specializes in the manufacture of carpets for aircraft. It is obvious that in all areas innovative fundamental company values ​​are essential.

BIC Carpet converted the original factory located in Ketteret into a showroom. There is also a modern, innovative and vertically integrated production site in Wevelgem, with a worldwide reputation for the production of high-quality woven carpets - especially wool carpets.

In order to ensure that the company's basic core values ​​can be recognized and continued, BIC carpet has obtained the ISO9001: 2000 quality label of the international quality management system certification, which recognizes the design, development, production and sales skills of the company's employees. For those who work at BIC Carpets, every day is a new challenge.

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