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VM Carpet

Viita-aho carpet factory was founded by Arto and Aila Viita-aho in 1973 on the banks of Lake Lapa in Kavala, Finland. The rug factory started out producing rag carpets and later added wool, paper and sisal rugs. VM Carpet has invested in good product design since its inception, and we have been collaborating with leading Finnish designers for almost 30 years.

Today, three of Viita-aho's five children are involved in running VM Carpet. For founder Arto Viita-aho, the carpet factory is a place where innovation and new concepts are produced. The basic values ​​of life are closely intertwined with work and doing things. Humanistic values, innovation, honesty and a friendly Botten District attitude have been an important part of the factory's activities from the very beginning. The employees of Viita-aho Carpet Factory are important members of this big family, and senior employees have worked hard with us for more than 30 years.

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