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Osta Carpets

Heritage and experience

Founded in Belgium in 1934, OSTA is a genuine Belgian manufacturer of pure wool and man-made fiber carpets. Our name is derived from nearly 90 years of excellence in the weaving industry. The skilled in-house design team is eager to reinvent itself, perfecting today's and tomorrow's designs. The whole OSTA team is committed to providing the best quality and service to our partners all over the world.

Innovation and Design

Our skilled in-house design team is led by Creative Director Maghalie Dooms, whose creative vision draws inspiration from around the world. She believes that every designer has their own signature style, which helps make our designs unique. The design studio is located in the center of the showroom. It has a huge variety of materials, colors, yarns, and an extensive library from which to draw inspiration.

knowledge and innovation

Our carpet factory is located in Avelgem, just a few minutes from Oudenaarde, the historic center of tapestry weaving in Flanders. We are proud to continue the fine art of weaving and to keep this remarkable legacy alive. Our team is eager to offer the widest possible range of high-end techniques and textures, from intricate jacquards to high-end wiltons. We achieve luxurious high-pile shearlings, elegant shearlings and loop piles (commonly known as Brussels weaves), and even intricate performance rugs. We use the best materials to weave our products, from natural fibers such as pure wool or cotton to recycled polyester.

recycling and ecology

Sustainability is key to all our actions. We partially generate our own energy through solar panels installed throughout the factory roof. The remaining energy needs are purchased from an energy supplier who is guaranteed to come from fully renewable sources (wind and solar). We recycle textile waste, paper, cardboard, plastics, pallets, ink cartridges, batteries and more.

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